Mission and Philosophy

Michael M - Student at St Anthony SchoolSt. Anthony’s strives to be the finest private school of its kind in the country. To achieve this goal, a variety of professionals are enlisted to ensure that our students receive all they need academically, emotionally, and socially.

A student enrolled at St. Anthony’s enjoys the benefits of licensed therapists, experienced special education teachers, and behavioral specialists.

Our clinical staff is in constant contact with outside therapists, physicians, and parents to ensure that we have a holistic picture of each and every student. In other words, each student has his own team of professionals whose only goal is to create an educated, happy, and healthy child–a child comfortable in his own skin and eager to learn.

Saint Anthony School Philosophy

We know at the St. Anthony School that all students have unique possibilities when skillfully taught in a nurturing and structured atmosphere; our success hinges on a committed partnership between family and school.

We at St. Anthony’s become an extension of the family, striving to develop strong character and values.

If you have further questions about the philosophy or mission behind the Saint Anthony School, feel free to contact us or call 214.443.1205. There are also a pages dedicated to frequently asked questions, the story behind the Saint Anthony School, and therapeutic school life.

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