The following are some Saint Anthony School policies. If you have any questions, please contact the St. Anthony School or call 214.443.1205.

Immunization Requirements for St. Anthony School

Current immunization records for each student are required prior to attending the first day at Saint Anthony SchoolThe Student Immunization Record shall include the date of birth, the number of doses and type, and the dates the child received each immunization. The school’s compliance with this standard is measured by one or more of the following for each student enrolled:

  1. A dated record that the child has been immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella.
  2. A dated statement from a licensed physician for other authorized health professional that immunizations have begun. The immunization cycle must be completed as soon as is medically feasible.
  3. A certificate signed by a licensed physician stating that the required immunization would be injurious to the student’s health.
  4. A notarized statement, signed by the parent or guardian, stating that immunization conflicts with religious beliefs and practices.

St. Anthony School Dress Code

All students are required to wear uniforms. Uniforms are khaki pants, shorts, or skirts, and forest green or navy polo style shirts and sweaters. White athletic shoes are recommended.
See Admission Forms for uniform requirements.

Lunch at Saint Anthony School

The St. Anthony School does not provide food service. Students bring lunch from home. Refrigerators and microwaves are available to all students. Parents are encouraged to provide healthy lunches, including: proteins, grains, vegetables, and fruits.

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