About Us

The St. Anthony School is an esteemed private therapeutic school for kids with Aspergers Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, Bi-Polar Disorder, Anxiety and many other special needs. Our mission is to engage our student’s in a rich school life including summer study camps and before and after care. Contact us today with your questions about The St. Anthony School.

Students with Learning Differences

Schools can be strange and foreign lands for children with learning differences. They begin school motivated and eager to learn. Something happens along the way to derail this love of learning, something happens to dull the gleam in their eyes and the curiosity in their soul, something whispers “you are not enough”. About The Saint AnthonyS chool

Some withdraw and are overcome with sadness, too young to identify or understand the pain that comes with feeling different. Others act out or become the class clown, reaching for attention of any kind that will force the world to acknowledge them.

It was obvious to the founders of The St. Anthony School that there was a better way and a better model to teach these wonderful children–a model that built self-esteem instead of destroying it, that reinforced academics and success in life instead of defeat. There was a way to turn these children around and break the cycle of failure. With structure, patience, and love, our students can look at school once more as a warm and accepting place.

Individualized Special Education and Small Student to Teacher Ratio

The St. Anthony School employs individualized academics, a small student to teacher ratio, the structure of a level system for motivation, and social skills classes to boost self-esteem and ensure success. St. Anthony’s has proven extremely effective with Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, school phobia, Anxiety, Depression, and Spectrum Disorders.

We respect students as members of a team, responsible for their own behavior and progress, yet bolstered by the combined efforts of teachers, therapists, and parents.


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