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Below are comments from both current and past students and parents of St. Anthony School. What each has to say shines through more than anything we could write. Feel free to contact us or call (214)443-1227 with any questions or for a tour. You might also be interested in reading about school life, the Saint Anthony School Story, or signing up for our newsletter for regular updates on events and other developments.

  • Dear Mr. Nathan,

    I will try to make this as short as possible, but there are so many great things about you
    Even though you have only been my homeroom teacher for half of the year, I have learned a lot from you. During this whole time I have been looking up to you for guidance and care. You have fulfilled your job in teaching me and the class. If I had a list of my favorite teachers, you would be one of them. I have realized the student/teacher bond can be a great experience if you follow the right path. You have made the classroom a relaxing and enjoyable place to be. I think that most all of the class appreciates how you’ve helped us in troubled times. I am looking forward to being in your class for my last high school years. I hope you know how much of a joyous year I have had with you as my teacher and friend

    Alex Sosa
  • This was Mike’s first year – 6th grade – at St. Anthony, and our first ever parent-teacher conference where the teacher had only positive things to say about our son!  What a blessing it has been to have someone who truly understands Mike….and the challenges he and we face on a daily basis.  Mike has enjoyed his year at the school and we are all looking forward to his continued success there.  Special thanks to Mr. Hammer, Mr. Brett, Ms. Debbie, and Mr. Mike – you are appreciated more than you will ever know!

    Paul, Karen and Mike Gilbert
  • Dear Mr. Brett,

    Thank you for teaching us drama and being the best drama teacher ever.  You are awesome.

  • Last night I had the honor of attending Kody’s graduation from sixth grade at St. Anthony’s school in Carrollton. Some of you might remember, Terri and Kody. Terri has tirelessly advocated for Kody since I have known her family. Kody IS ONE OF THE MOST LOVING, OUTGOING kids I have the privilege of knowing. He is a success story. He struggled in public school. He was not understood nor valued.

    To see how far Kody has come has brought me to share how the proper supports can change lives for our kids. His teachers adore him. His peers adore him. He was the unofficial greeter at the graduation. Kody SHINED, he is calmer and focused and loving his life.

    All of the graduates either hugged or shook hands with the staff when presented their diplomas, St. Anthony’s “gets or Kiddoes!” They embrace them, love and respect them.

    It was a joy to see Kody and his family have PEACE and know that their son was in the best environment where he could be himself, be VALUED and appreciated.

    I just had to share. Never give up on our kids. They have so much to share with our world. Love to Terry and Kody.

    You are MY HEROS!


    Nancy Mandell
  • St. Anthony’s gave me my son back–he’s smiling again and there’s no war every night.

    Pamela S., Plano, Texas
  • My son had no real friends–he might make a friend one minute and lose them the next. Now he has friends! How did you do that?

    Joan C., Flower Mound, Texas
  • My husband and I would be willing to say there’s not another school to give this kind of love.

    Chuck & Gena Norris
  • I want to write and thank you, Tony, Chris, Nathan, and everyone who worked with Nick at St. Anthony’s over the years he attended your school. Through all the bumps along  the road at St. Anthony’s, you told us to have faith in you and the program at your school, and ultimately that faith paid off with real results.

    Bobby Beeman
  • I have been at your school since the middle of 5th grade when you all made me feel great about myself for who I was.

    John, a student
  • On the way to school today, Jack said he woke up in the middle of the night
    because his “heart was pounding with joy” about starting school today! It
    made my day hearing him say that!

    Allison, a parent
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