Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities surface in children with average to superior intelligence and begin to impact learning when the child has trouble cognitively processing information caused by disorders of auditory, visual, or motor skills.

Learning Disabilities and Intellectual Potential

Frequently, children with learning disabilities perform below intellectual potential in reading, math, and/or written language. As a child with learning disabilities measures himself against the performance of his peers, frustration, anxiety, and feelings of low self-esteem entrench themselves.

As a therapeutic school, Saint Anthony works to provide an overall environment that unlocks each child’s potential despite any learning disabilities.

St Anthony School Learning DisabilitiesLearning Disabilities and Psychological Issues

Psychological issues may occur as direct results of these learning disabilities. Attention and concentration may become more problematic as formal schooling begins and a once happy, active child is labeled a discipline problem.

Tour Saint Anthony School and More on Learning Disabilities

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