Extra Curricular Activities


The mission of the Music Learning Band Programs has as it’s primary goal the continuous musical development of each student.  It aims to develop the student’s technical and musical proficiency of a band instrument within a fun, enthusiastic environment.  Music Learning Band Programs aims to teach each student self-esteem, respect, discipline, creative problem solving, and an appreciation of the arts through music education.


Offered as a recreation option with on-campus instruction through North Dallas Martial ArtsNorth Dallas Marshall Arts, in cooperation with St. Anthony’s, will improve your child’s self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline, coordination, focus and balance. This program is ongoing through the year so a child can continue training and progressing in skill level and belt rank.


School Life at St. Anthony School

Besides extra curricular activities at Saint Anthony School school life has a rich curriculumrecreational activities, and other school activitiesContact Saint Anthony School or call 214.443.1205 with any questions.



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