School Activities

The following is a list of school activities at The Saint Anthony School. Feel free to contact St. Anthony’s or call 214.443.1205 with any questions or for a tour of the school. You might also be interested in our enrollment process, the Saint Anthony Storyrecreation, or the St Anthony School curriculum.

Creative Arts

Hands-on Experiential Art Activities
Museum visits and classroom activities to foster appreciation of the Fine Arts

Field Trips/Social Outings

Scheduled Field Trips to Cultural Venues
Friday Afternoon Field Trips Practicing Social Interactions in the Community
School Wide Barbecues and Parties
School Dances for Upper School Students
Overnight Educational Trips for Upper School students
Annual European Tour
Summer Camp

St Anthony School Activities

Life Skills Opportunies

Cooking Classes
Learning for Life Program (prepares youth to successfully handle the complexities of contemporary society)
Ropes Course
Active Student Council
Yearbook Preparation
Snack Shack Project

Before & After School Care

Service is provided for the convenience of our working parents, supervised by trained St. Anthony Staff.
Before school care begins at 7:30.
After school care ends at 5:30.

Tutoring Opportunities

Private tutoring by the staff at St. Anthony School available upon request.

Parents Club

The Parents Club offers parents and teachers support in a variety of ways. Parents assist in classroom activities, parties, bakesales and school-wide activities.

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